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Distance Learning MBA

Getting an MBA isn’t just about taking classes or learning a new skill. It means a new way of looking at the world. Of seeing any situation, or what another might label “a problem” and saying, “I know how to make this work better.” Whether that means increasing sales, structuring the best deal to finance your company’s expansion, managing your client relationships more effectively – an MBA is more than just a skill set, or even a toolbox. Tools become obsolete. The MBA gives you the power to “see the whole field” and create your own tools to achieve a successful outcome in any situation.

The Distance Learning MBA

There is nothing that can replace the experience of spending two full years at a top ranking Business School, taking in the full time MBA experience amongst a class full of your peers.  But, given your particular work / life situation, a full time MBA program simply may not be possible.  The next best thing may be choosing to enroll in an Online or Distance Learning MBA Program , what was earlier known as the Correspondence MBA Program.

Choosing UBS over other Correspondence MBA s  & Distance Learning MBA s

There would many factors that would influence your decision in selecting a Distance Learning MBA. Accreditation, program quality and rigor, whether it provides you access to faculty and the classroom experience (if there is one!), all are factors that you need to evaluate carefully, when selecting a program.
UBS MBA Programs are accredited degree’s, awarded by the Karnataka State Open University, one of India’s premier Open Universities .  The Programs are designed by some of the finest academic minds in the field of Management in India, and are rigorous by Distance Learning MBA & Correspondence MBA standards. Classes are taught by our team of Professors and faculty, over the internet, using a unique Virtual Classroom platform that endeavors to provide you with the closest to ‘regular’ MBA experience possible in Correspondence MBA Programs.
When it comes to deciding on a program, these factors, and the UBS commitment to Quality, make the UBS MBA the best decision you can make.
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